Sunglasses Trends 2017

Spotted on the hottest runways and on the eyes of the most renowned fashion icons, eyewear has become a must-have accessory for both guys and gals alike. Wearing specs and sunnies is the perfect way to play up your peepers and give any outfit a boost. Want to know what’s popular this season? Read up on the top spring 2017 eyewear trends below, and peruse the frames in each trend by clicking on the trend names.

Eras Recollected

Harking back to bygone eras – of the ‘50s, ‘60s ‘70s and even ‘20s – eyewear takes a deep dive into Eastern European culture for an innovative take on vintage styling. The color palette says it all, with dated hues made new. Earthy in nature, pewter grays, pea greens, navies, ambers and muddled whites reign supreme for both genders, with mauve pinks and rich reds more dainty than the rest. In the men’s corner, categorically vintage profiles – most notably quintessential rounds in both totally wire and chunky acetate constructions – are played up with tinted lenses, ombré looks, unexpected materials, and bridges and browlines reminiscent of yesteryear. For women, antiquated glamour takes center stage showing off truly statement styles for the femme of the femme. The feline silhouette is a stunner this season, not to mention floral motifs, jewelry-inspired accents and leopard print.

New Age Athleticism

Introducing sportswear redefined. With the “athleisure” trend more prevalent than ever, traditionally athletic eyewear follows suit and is made versatile, allowing for frames to be worn during just about any activity – sporty or not. Easy-to-wear profiles, including clip-ons, guarantee a no-fuss experience, while highly pigmented colors and badass details make these specs and shades stand out from the crowd. Head-turners for men include: shields and revamped wayfarers; blues, greens and yellows; rubberized effects; color-blocking; and mirrored lenses. Unsurprisingly, the women’s collection loops in more fashion-forward elements – like two-toned finishes; pinks, purples and reds; soft silhouettes; hip double bridges; and vibrant speckled patterns.

Posh Peculiarity

Celebrating the diverse eccentricity that fashion is built upon, styling from all facets of the industry permeates this trend. Beyond unusual and diverse, these frames are truly enigmas, giving the world a look into things it has never seen before. The bottom line: Each piece makes an unequivocal splash that cannot be ignored. Men shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box, introducing themselves to beyond bold color blocking, flashy lenses, gradient colorations, rocker studs, pops of neon color, hybrid shapes, cool cut-outs and so much more. Meanwhile, women especially see no limits and are hypnotized by everything from warped graphic prints, geometrics, wild cat-eyes, electric colors, luxe gems and layering. For both parties, adopting an “anything goes” attitude is a must for embracing these looks.

Stark Sophistication

More complex than what meets the eye, springtime’s utilitarian frames offer trans-seasonal appeal, delivering clean designs with industrial-inspired details for big impact. “Minimal” serves as the key word when it comes to color – or lack thereof – as ebonies, ivories, grays, nudes, clears and metallics are major players for all. Meanwhile, silhouettes are rooted in the basics – think rounds, squares and rectangles, with the occasional cat-eye or Clubmaster thrown in. But nobody should get too wrapped up in the tranquil palette and streamlined profiles; these styles give a whole new meaning to modernism. Masculine frames are accented with cool double bridges, sleek lens treatments, zero base (a.k.a. flat) lenses, and textured, matte, opaque and high-shine finishes. Women enjoy the same, but with zig-zagged temples, caged effects and delicate latticework intermixed.